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COUNTERTOPS IN Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Discover gorgeous countertop solutions from Haley's Flooring, Kitchen & Bath, made from premium materials that showcase upscale appeal. We have the countertop offerings that meet the needs of homeowners, designers, and builders who want attractive aesthetics without timely maintenance. Our visually striking countertops help create unique contemporary, modern, and traditional kitchen and bathroom design.

Counter-Material | Haley's Flooring, Kitchen & Bath


It’s important to analyze the needs of your household when selecting the best countertop material for your rooms. If you have an active home with kids and frequent spills, a more porous material can experience staining or finish damage. In addition to valuable performance, high-quality countertops can become an artistic design statement.

Kitchen Counters | Haley's Flooring, Kitchen & Bath


Our kitchen countertop experts can help you look for the right combination of durability, stain resistance, heat resistance, porosity, maintenance level, as well as chip, crack, and scratch resistance. For best results when cooking delicious meals often, look for countertops that can withstand hot pans. A kitchen island will benefit from the toughest countertop that can handle plenty of dropped items on it.

Bathroom Counters | Haley's Flooring, Kitchen & Bath


A bathroom vanity countertop can transform the entire area. Whether you are interested in a bathroom countertop made from natural stone, quartz, or solid surface, our experts will help you achieve your vision. We can help you measure your current vanity for countertop overhang and sink locations, as well as line up plumbing, account for drawer stacks, and determine the best type of faucet.

CABINETS IN Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Since cabinets can take up quite a bit of visual space in both your kitchens and bathrooms, it’s important to examine how other materials will play against your cabinets. Our experts can help you mix complementary tones and materials, as well as select the cabinet options that will balance the overall space. Whether you want cabinets that create visual contrast or blend seamlessly, we can help!

Kitchen Cabinet | Haley's Flooring, Kitchen & Bath


Quality comes first with our wide array of kitchen cabinet designs to provide value with today’s most popular finishes, styles, and sizes. For a gorgeous, highly functional culinary space, let’s explore our impressive selection to ensure that your investment can withstand the demands of daily use and maintain integrity through the years.

Bathroom Cabinets | Haley's Flooring, Kitchen & Bath


When designing a soothing, chic bathroom, we offer the popular, high-quality cabinet collections that allow you to exercise your creativity. Thoughtfully engineered and carefully crafted to provide organization and performance, you can find attractive solutions to fit your needs and budget. We have modern, traditional, transitional, or contemporary cabinets to suit your vibe.

Bathroom Cabinets | Haley's Flooring, Kitchen & Bath


For longstanding performance plus a reliable touch and feeling you can count on, we can explore all the hardware options that suit your design preferences. In addition to supporting the performance and motion of your high-quality door and drawers, the texture, color, and finish of your cabinet hardware can greatly enhance your favorite aesthetic.

SHOWERS & TUB SURROUNDS IN Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

In addition to providing the important functions of showering and bathing, your shower and tub surround will become the central design elements of your bathroom layout! While capturing the design style that you love, you may also want to create a custom shower or tub surround that speaks to your tastes. We can help you personalize your bathroom with top-quality custom shower and tub features.

Custom Showers | Haley's Flooring, Kitchen & Bath


At Haley's Flooring, Kitchen & Bath, we believe that showers are used to rejuvenate and unwind, an inspired design will go a long way in providing a soothing atmosphere that helps everyone feel refreshed. We have top-quality shower materials that are ready to handle humidity and standing water without being compromised, while anchoring stylish bathroom désign.

Tub Surrounds | Haley's Flooring, Kitchen & Bath


Whether you are envisioning a spa-like feel or creating a bathroom that makes it easier to bathe if needed, a premium tub surround will help achieve either result. For outstanding performance and ultimate comfort, you can work with our design experts to design a tub layout that matches your style while maximizing the space of your bathroom.

Shower Hardware | Haley's Flooring, Kitchen & Bath


For your showers and tubs, it's important to select hardware that offers a reliable touch and feel despite the moisture and humidity that they will experience. For your style preferences and budget, we have a wide variety of hardware materials and price points that allows you to complete the look you want. Let's find the perfect touches to finish your project.


At Haley's Flooring, Kitchen & Bath, we aim to serve the greater Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area with incredible, top-quality products and expert services at every step. Whether you are a homeowner, builder, or designer, we can help with all of your flooring, kitchen, and bath needs! We can even bring the shopping experience to your home to help move your project timeline forward in a way that's convenient to you. There's no inquiry too big or too small for our experienced team. We can't wait to hear from you and assist your project!

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