Hardwood Installation

It’s time to get prepared for your gorgeous new hardwood.


Since hardwood cannot be installed over existing flooring, your old flooring will need to be removed completely. Start by removing all furniture and items from the room and closets, and then remove all frames and mounted items off the walls as well. Hardwood requires a completely level subfloor so you will need your installers to assess subfloor conditions and repair any imperfections. Bring your new hardwood into the room and allow at least 3 days prior to installation for planks to acclimate to household conditions and humidity levels.


During Hardwood Installation | Haley's Flooring, Kitchen & Bath

On the day of your new hardwood installation, make sure to be home and available to answer questions or address issues that may arise for your installation crew. Designate a workspace in the home for your installers to keep potentially dangerous hardwood installation tools such as nails, floor nailers, mallets, hammers, pull bars, drills, table saws, and wood glue. Make sure to keep all children and pets away from the rooms receiving new flooring, the installation tools, and the installer’s workspace. New hardwood installation will generally take at least one to three days.


After Hardwood Installation | Haley's Flooring, Kitchen & Bath

Once your new hardwood is installed, you should wait at least 24 hours before the floors receive foot traffic. Check to ensure that your doors have full range of motion with the new hardwood and shave the doors down if needed. Place felt protectors under the legs and corners of heavy furniture, tables, and chairs, and after waiting 3-7 days, carefully place furniture back into the room without dragging it directly across the hardwood. Establish proper ventilation in the home to help reduce the smell of any varnish, stain, or polyurethane that has been applied to the floors.


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