Laminate Care & Maintenance

Keep your laminate floors sparkling with these helpful steps.


With reinforced finishes and innovative constructions, it's extremely easy to care for your laminate floors and keep them attractive with regular care and preventative steps that keep dirt and debris off the surface to begin with. This starts with mats at every entranceway and having guests and residents remove footwear during rainy or icy weather. Make sure to brush your pets regularly to reduce dander, as well as keep all nails and claws trimmed to prevent scratches. We also recommend using felt protectors under heavy furniture legs and rearranging furniture periodically to help the floor wear more evenly. By taking these measures, you are caring for your laminate floors daily!


Cleaning Laminate Floors | Haley's Flooring, Kitchen & Bath

In addition to restoring a clean, fresh appearance for your laminate floors, removing dirt and debris effectively will also reduce wear. It’s important to sweep with a soft bristle broom or dust mop as frequently as you can to prevent scratches and marks. Even pet hair and dust balls that hold particles can become abrasive over time. Check your manufacturer’s warranty before investing in a robot vacuum cleaner to use regularly on your laminate floor. By sweeping, dust-mopping, or vacuuming weekly or as frequently as possible to remove abrasive particles, you can better keep your floors looking great. Completing this key step in common and high-traffic areas is the number one way to reduce the effects of daily household activity.


Laminate Spill Treatment | Haley's Flooring, Kitchen & Bath

Unfortunately, spills can happen without warning in an active home. Thankfully, your laminate floors are engineered to handle spills and resist stains easily without permanent damage! When you discover the spill, lift any solid food or material from the spot with paper towels. Then, absorb the liquid spill with more paper towels or a dry cloth. If needed, treat the area with water or a gentle laminate-specific floor cleaner and use only as much cleaner as needed. Most likely your laminate manufacturer has warranted your floors for mopping, and you can clean your floors efficiently this way. Always use the least amount of water needed and dry the surface with a microfiber cloth afterward. 


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